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Joyce Scott

Daniel is one of the best. He is timely, through, and doesn't get in a hurry during the inspection. The quality of the report is second to none. I strongly encourage you to use him for your home inspection if you are in the market. You won't be disappointed with his work. He uses modern up to date technology. I am very pleased with his work and professionalism.

Lindsay Bogan

Daniel is super knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and friendly! He did our initial inspection and a couple weeks later squeezed us in for last minute re-inspection so we could close. Great communication during scheduling and the system he uses to send his inspection report is top notch!

Phillip Rye

Daniel is great to work with! As a general contractor, I trust him to do stage inspections on my jobs to make sure something isn't overlooked. I've also worked with him on jobs where a bank hired him for their inspections and he always communicates with me to head off any problems or lets me know when something needs to be looked at.

Sieuwert Otterloo

My Promise to You

Picking the right home inspector can be a real puzzle. You might not actually meet me until we're face to face – a bit different from hiring other pros. And let's be real, inspectors come in all flavors with different skills, gear, experience, and prices. In the end, how thorough your home inspection turns out depends on how much sweat the inspector puts in.

So, if you let me check out your new pad, I promise to go all in. You're getting nothing but my A-game, I swear.

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