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Agent Benefits of using Spectora Home Inspection Reports

As a Realtor, why should you care what software your home inspector uses? Because it can save you time and make your life easier when it comes to the home inspection report.

See the benefits to you, the real estate agent, of using an inspector that uses Spectora. At All-Star Home Inspections, we use this software.

First, the Visual Reports. The reports are designed to easily give you and your clients the information you want. Even the Table Of Contents on the left side allows quick access to specific areas. Samples can be seen here.

Second, the Summary Buttons. These bubbles allow you and your client to quickly see how many issues there are in each category as defined by the inspector.

Third, the Repair Request Builder. This built in tool simplifies the process of creating your Repair Addendum for the issues found during the inspection. An instructional video can be watched here.

And forth, the Automation Emails that are created during and after the inspection is setup, keep you and your clients (as well as any other party) updated on status of the inspection and the report.

As Home Inspectors, we really appreciate the thought put into the development of this software. It not only helps us be consistant and through, but it also helps you, the Real Estate Agent, to streamline your workflow when your client uses us as their inspector.

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